A day at the TAZA chocolate factory

A short while back, I received an invitation to visit the TAZA chocolate factory in Somerville Massachusetts as part of a tour with the Boston Food Bloggers website. I have been a fan of the TAZA chocolate company ever since 2007 when I had my first taste of their chocolate, so it was a very easy decision to accept the invite. Check out my post here on the City Feed and Supply blog as I’m pleased to write my first post for another blog. Cheers!

Roasted Coco Nibs




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Chateau Tire Pe “Diem” 2009

I have to admit that I, for a long time in my wine loving life (still very green by most measures), I was not a drinker of French wines. Despite the grand history, legendary wines and the seductive allure that surrounds this grand world of fine French wine, I relatively avoided them. Continue reading

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Roasting Chicken part 3– Operation Brine Time?

“Truth is sought for it’s own sake…” as the saying goes.

I’ve decided to change the name of my “no frills” roasted chicken project. Not sure what it’s going to be yet, but to be honest the “no frills” aspect wasn’t really selling it they way I had meant for it to. It was kind ‘a like saying, “come and check out my exhilarating pocket lint collection.” I’m realizing that my intention with these posts has not really been about “no frills”, but rather I’m trying to experiment and discover which methods and factors truly contribute to the tastiest bird with the least amount of work. Again, what is my ideal tasty bird? It’s a roasted chicken that is juicy, having good flavor with not too chalky a texture,  and sporting a lovely golden hued crispiness to its skin. As with Lincoln logs, my hope is to then assemble a good recipe from the separate pieces of information I have collected in the process.

Some hardcore brining happening here, folks. Watch out!

So where did we end off last? Well, I believe I was exploring the concept of trussing. What my skeptical self found was that it sincerely kept the breast meat amply hydrated, leaving the bird evenly cooked and having the texture I have been looking for. Moving along, I thought that it was time for me to explore the concept of brining. Continue reading

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3 Cell Phone Photos- Update “Grunt for a Day” at NorthStar Farm

A couple months back I had the pleasure of helping out and doing some grunt work at NorthStar Farm in Westport, Massachusetts. Of the many jobs I had been tasked with, one was helping to get the tomato starters into the ground. Today the fruits of my humble fumbling, what could be considered “assistance”, came strolling through the door, and in a rainbow of colors! Continue reading

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Ch Musar Jeune blanc 2009 w/ Cod all’ “aqua pazza”

Summer in New England. I was fortunate the other day when friends, on vacation, bequeathed their weekly fish share from the local CFS (Community Supported Fishery) to me. And what was on the menu this week? Cod, caught fresh by the F/V Caterina G based out of Cape Ann, MA. Continue reading

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